Imagine various independent business service providers, who share a unique advanced work method . Thus, they act in harmony to offer integrated , more comprehensive and safe multidisciplinary solutions for your business.

Dutra’s Method seeks quality and reliability in professional services provision . The service providers that adopt the method undertake similar practices, processes and policies. Therefore, those different firms work in sync, extending their solutions according to the needs of each client, besides offering different professional perspectives , optimizing costs and avoiding mistakes.

Dutra’s Method generates a triple return to the client:

CONFIDENCE to make decisions, based on reliable information, law knowledge and consequence planning
SUSTAINABLE GROWTH resulting from strengthened company’s capacities and preparation to seize opportunities, solid grounds and permanent assistance
PROFITABILITY by a better use of company’s resources, strategies implementation and control.

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To make decisions on business management based on concrete and reliable information. Legal foundation and planning.


The result of improving company’s capacities and preparation to find and take opportunities, with solid basis to make right choices.


Through the better use of company resources and improving its efficiency, management, control and strategies


"Excellence is only achieved when multidisciplinary knowledge comes together."

Vinicius Martins Dutra

Vinicius Martins Dutra holds degrees in Law, Accounting and Business Administration, with specializations in several areas, such as Tax Law, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Risk Management.


He began as a trainee at the Sao Paulo Bank , later bought by Banco Bradesco, where his “out-of-the-box” thinking soon led him to be a manager.


Constant growth

Combining the technical knowledge and theoretical background to entrepreneurial and innovative thinking , in 2003 he began planning a structure of business consulting services. The company was formally incorporated in 2006, followed by the accounting office opening in 2007. With bold vision, in 2010 he acquired 100% of the firms’ equity and strengthened Dutra’s Method, aiming at quality in these companies’ services.

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  1. The method started to be conceived

  2. Dutra Business Management was incorporated, the first company to adopt the method.

  3. Dutra Accounting was incorporated and adopted the method.

  4. Extensive reformulation of a big client, the Aplub Foundation for Educational Loans (currently named Fundacred)
    - Alpar do Brasil, leading national distributor of sports shoes and clothing, starts working with firms that adopt Dutra’s Method.

  5. Dutra Law firm is incorporated and adopts Dutra’s Method.

  6. Dutra’s Method is applied on the project that brought Hyundai Elevators to Brazil.
    - Dutra BackOffice Services is incorporated and adopts Dutra’s Method.

  7. Dutra Business Management is accredited by Caixa Participacoes S.A. to provide a number of advising services in M&A deals.

  8. Dutra International is incorporated and adopts Dutra’s Method
    - Firms adhering to the Method advise Apta Resinas in the process of acquisition by a North American company : Vinmar Group

  9. Firms adhering to the Method participate on the process of Indian Mahindra Tractors’ entrance in Brazil.

  10. Dutra Educational Intelligence is incorporated and adopts Dutra’s Method - “Evoluir” Project, from Dutra Accounting, is launched, aimed at small businesses.

  11. Dutra Analytics is created and adopts the Method.


Law Firm

Dutra Law Firm stands out in the consulting market with legal solutions for the business area, in the training and qualification of your professionals.


Dutra Accountancy guarantees quality and reliability within a work mode widely systematized in practices and policies.

Business Management

Dutra Business Management provides consulting services to companies, present in projects and processes that contribute to the success of the business, through planning, organization, control and systemic, critical and entrepreneurial thinking.

Back Office

Dutra Back Office provides administrative support to companies and professionals, to generate solutions with quality and assertiveness, valuing excellence in the execution of processes.


Dutra Analytics is the exact support in the professionalization of business management, based on the fastest and most accurate information. It creates the foundation for improving your business knowledge and evolution in the accuracy of decisions.


Dutra International exists to provide agreements in various jurisdictions, legal advice and adequacy to international processes and standards to enable large projects.


Dutra Educational prepares the team of your company for each daily challenge with the best skills, suited to your specific reality. It works in several segments of Administration, Law and Accounting.


Dutra Bioenergy provides energy consulting, aiming at innovative solutions, with emphasis on the rationalization of energy expenditure. It also acts in the accomplishment of new businesses, investments and projects, attending to consumers and generators of different sizes.


Adopt the Dutra Method